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Research – Development – Innovation

RDI (Research, Development, Innovation), is a key service in the company. From my experience, it can be modeled under 3 business model to maximize Return On Investment :

  • A quality approach within a continuous optimization process. It concerns almost every industry.
  • A patented solution to a new customer problem. It is selling of intellectual property based on license of use concept.
  • An insurance of profit that prepares multiple options to react in case of market transformation. It prevents to be disrupted.

Let me know if you want to custom your approach.

What pharma industry teaches us on R&D returns :

  • To reduce costs :
    • by 5 to 10% we have to externalize nonessential R&D projects
    • by more than 15% we have to share risks with partners
  • To speedup product development :
    • it is important to quickly detect and stop projects with poor efficiency and low differentiation level.
    • To do that, we must have a support software that augment our insights in hard decisions. This tool makes the difference.