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We give a maximum chance to R&D projects to reach the market.

Research and Development is a diamond…

+70% Worldwide investment in 10 years

+33% Direct sales

+20% Jobs


The best way to improve R&D score

Augmenting human vision

In complex problems, we are blind. And because 80% of understandings are done by vision, we choosed to augment the human ability to visualize complex problems in a simple manner.

Making data visually understandable in keeping physic sens is a key to access to the best solver in the world: our brain. With this approach we improve decision process to reduce the wrong ways of development.

Research focusing

Time saving

Cost reduced

Knowledge attracting

Wrong decisions have a cost in product development.

source: Error Cost Escalation Through the Project Life Cycle – NASA Johnson Space Center – 2004

To avoid wrong ways, we help you in

doing the right experiment

We help you in conducting strategic design of experiment. We use an original adaptative approach to target the best experiment to perform.

We give you an ideal target and the way to reach it.

reducing design risks with predictive model

We help valuing data by expanding it in using predictive machine learning models.

We bridge the gap between data and physic

augmenting strategic analysis

Based on neural network, geometry and physic, we give humans the ability to reason in high quantity of parameters without loosing physical sens.

We improve technical decision process

with a strong willing to increase

The autonomy of the people,

Their skills,

And understandable technical relationship

What people say about the benefits we had to work together

It helps to attract and retains critical talents.

It accelerates speed to maturity of R&D projects.

It helps to balance investment in R&D projects.

More than 15 years of R&D experience.

R&D and product development are our DNA. We practice it in industrial context. We know what it means to search, and we also know how to find.

Multi objective problems, quick response for project orientation, or knowledge highlight for innovation are our every-day work, and our passion.

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